Country Field

Protected Species Assessment


The Preliminary Ecological Appraisal builds on the Phase 1 Habitat Survey conducted at your site. The appraisal combines this information with a desk-based study drawing in data about habitats and species from other sources, such as those collected by local Wildlife Trusts or cited by a Local Biodiversity Action Plan. It will identify the presence of protected habitats (eg hedgerows) and species (eg dormice, bats, badgers) and indicate any further survey work or mitigation measures that may be necessary. If no sensitive species or habitats are identified, no further ecological survey work will be needed.

Where the appraisal find no need for additional surveys, the resulting report is can be submitted as part of a planning application. Completing a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal early in the planning cycle can save cost and delays later in the process. The appraisal can be conducted at any time of year but any necessary additional surveys may have seasonal constraints.